Spindles for high speed machining - IBAG!


Live-tool & high speed machining on swiss-turn with IBAG!

Live Spindles on an Indexing Turret

Small tools on swiss-lathe: IBAG can reduce cycle time! Improve quality!

HFK 135

High speed  spindle attachment for Die & Mold finishing from IBAG


High speed machining using IBAG 

DIV_3 Spindeln

IBAG Spindles for live tool up to 100,000 RPM!


Machining tough material & medical parts: IBAG can save you money!


Machining tough material & medical parts: IBAG can save you Time!


Clamp by freezing it to the fixture plate! Witte


Witte vacuum pods revolutionize the idea of a fixture 

Grind Chucks

Witte Vacuum chucks for turning thin sections!

XY CNC Slide

Precision machine components - Attractive prices - Contract manufacturing

Burnished Hyd Cylinders

Attractive prices  - Precision manufacturing


Pumpdown Plug

Fast delivery - Contract manufacturing

Hydrauliv Valve

Part for aftermarket at attractive prices! Contract machining 

complete solutions to your manufacturing or process-validation issues!

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Solid-carbide-custom-tooling from Accusharp.



We supply state-of the art  gun-drills

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Customized IIOT solutions tailored to your requirements

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Broad range of advanced high speed milling spindle systems from IBAG Switzerland

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Solid carbide round tools and gun drills

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Industry 4.0 & IIoT Solutions – Reducing manufacturing costs while detecting and diagnosing machining problems!

Manufacturing knowledge & cloud technology are in our DNA. We bring fully operational & complete solutions to your manufacturing or process-validation issues! We offer consulting & turn-key solutions in the area of electronic sensor-based Tool condition Monitoring, process Monitoring, Broken tool detection, Collision control for CNC machines, Machine health fingerprinting for predicting failure to minimize down-time.

Upgrade your machine to High Speed – don’t hold your capital in a new machine!

Existing machining center upgraded with IBAG for high-speed milling – A turnkey solution. For most projects, customer ships the machine to our North-Haven CT facility, and we return the machine after high speed spindle integration, testing & validation. Various optional configurations are available for customer consideration: Replacing old spindle with new IBAG high-speed spindle / Adding one high speed spindle next to existing spindle / Adding Two high speed spindles next to existing spindle /In addition to existing tool magazine, Integrate a stand-alone tools rack for high speed tooling.
Even if you cannot afford to spare the machine for retrofit job, we have other solutions! With IBAG HFK electric motor spindle attachment, you can enhance the capability of a standard machining center or VTL to High Speed Live Tooling and optimize cycle time! Typical applications: Finish machining of ‘die and mold’ to minimize hand finishing / Grinding on a machining center or a VTL to complete the part in one setup. To automate spindle change (just like tool change on a CNC), IBAG offers customized spindle clamping & a cradle (accessible to spindle) to house the HFK spindle within the machine.

 One stop solution for all your high speed requirements

Be it machining or testing, we have a solution! If you are using very small diameter tools such as 2 mm end mill or a 0.5 mm drill on a Swiss style lathe, typically medical manufacturing, most likely IBAG can save you time & money! We are one stop solution for all your high speed requirements; be it milling or micro drilling or testing we have solutions to help you operate very small tooling at optimal speeds (typically high) and still have enough spindle-power to complete the operation uninterrupted! We retrofit Swiss lathes with spindles carrying live tooling for milling and drilling. Spindles are manufactured in various designs and sizes to suit either a back-working station or a forward-working station or even an indexing turret! A special rotary joint supplied with the kit carries power & pneumatic to the spindle preventing cables curling. IBAG spindles are rugged and our unique permanent-magnet-motor based micro-spindles hold steady torque & power over the entire speed range making it ideal for machining bone screw and other tough to machine medical parts. Local service and delivering turn-key projects are our specialty.

A revolutionary way of looking at part clamping

We offer Witte vacuum chucks for turning thin sections. Clamp the component with vacuum and get on with machining. Our Vacuum-Pods change the way you fixture a machining center! For difficult to locate or clamp objects, we even have a freeze-clamping solution where work is frozen to fixture pate before machining. You may dig the cutter in to our vacuum mats and complete the part in one set-up, saving you the entire second operation! Our pumps deliver 95% vacuum to ensure reliable clamping during entire machining cycle.

State of the art solid-carbide and HSS cutting tools

We supply Accusharp solid carbide round tools known for their quality and reliability. Some of our offering are – special solid carbide round tools, gun drill, twin lip gun drill, double crimp gundrill, forming tools, T-slot cutter, & key-way cutter. Our normal delivery is faster than industry standard for custom tooling. If you are using custom tooling and not happy with quality or delivery, contacting us is most likely the solution to your problem! Accusharp is a time-tested brand for over 20 years in Europe & India. Our quality is so good, world renown tooling OEM purchase Accusharp solid carbide tooling for their in-house consumption instead of making it themselves.

Services for mid-size manufacturing operations

We deliver product promotion & sales channel establishment for Asian companies in USA and for American businesses in Asia via developing a network of manufacturing representatives, stockiest and distributors. Our routine follow-up to ensure system put in place is delivering desired results and applying corrections if need be makes it unique and valuable! We are specialists in contract manufacturing for precision components. We are also an excellent source for processing aftermarket power-train components.