Innovative clamping systems


Freeze clamp technology from WITTE

When to use this technology

This is ideal technology for clamping small or intricate work pieces without inducing any stress, yet clamping firmly!


Freezing generated by compressed air. Chuck surface is made of aluminum with very good chilling properties. Entire fixture is housed in a special polymer with excellent insulation properties. To improve production time ICEVICE can also be palletized where a quick exchange of freeze plates is possible. These plates have a vacuum connection to ensure secure fixation to the Icevice base


  • Precise clamping – deformation less than +/- 3 microns

  • No stress build up in work material

  • Short clamping time; less than 90 seconds

  • Easy & quick

  • High degree of repeatability in positioning & clamping

Suited for the following industries

  • Electronics / semi-conductors

  • Ceramics

  • Optics, Glass / Quartz treatment

  • Metals, clocks and watches

  • Medical tool and laboratory equipment

  • For universities & research

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